Tuesday, 5 January 2010

5 How did you attract/address your audience?

As me and Olivia aimed our website to an audience such as parents and adults also other children, we have used a fun, professional looking layout and a fully functional media product/website to attract both adults and children.
The adults are attracted to the website as they know and trust that their personal details and money given to donate is strictly safe and confidential.

We used encouraging and positive language on most of the pages, which also attract the children who visit the website as they know that any information given will stay confidential.

Olivia and I used different images of my baby sister, which have been used with permission from my parents to catch an adult’s eye for sorrow and hope that they will donate money or look to foster the babies/young children.

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  1. Because your work is very similar to Olivia's, the comment is much the same - try to do what is being asked, especially in pushing evidence, because this is what quickly raises marks and gets you a better result.
    There are very few illustrations of your investigation and no evidence of your survey as pie charts and comment on what you discovered. The initial work on investigating websites needs to be there too.
    Please look at the list of things that you need on your blog - http://web.me.com/morrmedia/TV,_Web_and_Institution/The_list_of_Blogspot_content.html

    as follows:
    AS Blogspot posts
    1 Review
    2 Website analysis and review
    3 Survey starter
    4 Media brief
    5 Website annotations
    6 Improved brief
    7 Young and Rubicam survey result and comment
    8 Website research findings
    9 i. In what ways . . . conventions
    10 Main survey
    11 ii. Represent social groups
    12 iii. Who is your audience
    13 iv. How do you attract an audience
    14 v. Website distribution
    15 vi. What have you learned about technology
    16 vii. What have you learned in the progression from first site to main site