Thursday, 10 December 2009

2.How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Babies in need is a campaign website to help disadvantage and abused young children. There is no main social group that I am trying to represent. Most people know a child/baby who is being abused or has their own personal experience of being abused as a child, so my website is too aware everyone about what is happening to young children and babies and to help put a stop to it.

There are so many children and babies being abused across UK and all over the world, that we don’t know about and my website is to put a stop to this.

All the pictures that I have added to my website are young children who have been abused and who we have helped and given a new life. There are pictures of them when they are sad and upset, but also happy after we have helped them and saved them from their abused and violent backgrounds. We have helped them escape from horrific and violent homes. On my website layout we used bright colours as this is a website who help young children, and so we wanted to convey a happy atmosphere with in our organisation onto the website.

These are the images I used in my website of the victims whose lives have been changed thanks to my website:

The main aim of my website was to try and change young children’s disadvantaged and abused lives and to give them a chance to grow up with a much normal and happy life as possible. My website represents babies who I have helped, and who needed help. Also the pictures of the babies which were used on the website were all saved babies from abused and violent backgrounds, which I am proud to say we have helped and saved and changed their lives.

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