Tuesday, 1 December 2009

1.In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My media project is a basic professional HTML website. As the software I used to make my website was iweb, it only allows for basic HTML editing. Not PHP and JavaScript, which is more of professional software to use.

The layout of website uses a lot of real and conventional forms that a lot of other websites I researched used.
· A logo
· A navigation bar which I placed vertically, as most of the websites I researched placed their navigation bar horizontally

From the research I done, I found out that the main layout used is 3 columns. I implemented this on my website. I used my own ideas and graphics. We saw that lots of the children charity websites were very colourful, bold and bright so we wanted to make ours colourful and bold. We made every hyperlink a different colour.

The navigation bar was placed vertically so that visitors on the site can get around easy and especially as it is aimed at young children. Our logo was an image of a young child smiling as the aim of our media product was to save children and change their lives.
When viewing our website the colour scheme stands out from most of the other things on the website. We used bright colours as Olivia and I create a fun looking, child friendly atmosphere. The font is also simple and easy to read.

The hyperlinks on our website are made to the highest standard as we created multicoloured rollovers and is our own design.With the help of "
http://www.childreninneed.co.uk/ “, the website we based our design and ideas on, our media product is at a professional standard.

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